Y-bearings/radial insert ball bearings

ekugellager.de supplies high quality bearings for agriculture and industry. We supply many radial insert ball bearings, housing units and spherical bearings at a competitive price.



INA and NKE housing units

Here you can find a table of the main housing units.

You can use this table to find the ordering information for INA and NKE housing units. We have listed 6 popular radial insert ball bearings and 9 housings. You can find detailed dimensions at  www.nke.at; there is also a detailed catalogue in the download area.

How to find a housing unit using Table 1 above.

Choose the radial insert ball bearings, e.g. GRAE NPPB.
2. Choose the housing, e.g. “Cast iron, wide"
3. Look for the unit that is suitable for 1.) and 2.) – in the example above, PASE.
4. Specify the shaft diameter in mm, e.g. 40 mm
5. Your unit (housing and bearings) will therefore be referred to as PASE40 for INA and NKE products
6. If you only require the radial insert ball bearings, order here using GRAE40 NPPB.

You can find housing designations (housing only, no bearings) in the manufacturer’s catalogue.

Manufacturer catalogue
You can find the right housing and radial insert ball bearings for your needs in the INA catalogue. NKE uses the same designations as INA. SKF products are referred to as “Y-bearings”/”Y-bearing units” on the  SKF website.


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