Angular contact ball/ Spindle bearings

Angular ball bearings are available in single and dual-row versions. They can mainly be recognised through opposing raceways on the inner and outer rings . Angular ball bearings are designed for bearings which have to withstand both high radial and high axial loading.
Individual angular ball bearings can be fitted as pairs if necessary: in tandem alignment (if the load-bearing capacity is not sufficient), in O or X alignment (for combined load acceptance).

Spindle bearings are basically single-row angular ball bearings. The decisive difference is that spindle bearings have enormously restricted tolerances and are available in a range of pretensioning classes. They are particularly suitable for bearings with the highest requirements on rotation speed and running precision. Depending on the level of axial loading, the contact angle can be selected variably (the higher the contact angle, the better axial loading can be accepted).
Just like single-row angular ball bearings, spindle bearings can also be installed in pairs: in tandem arrangement (if the load-bearing capacity is not sufficient), in O or X arrangement (for combined load acceptance).

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