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Dimensions of DG Ball Bearings
Rotary Oil Seal Types
Technical Sprays
and lubricants as complementary goods
Rotary oil seals for sealing of your rotating shafts...

Rotary oil seals from are high quality products. They are constantly stored in a controlled enviroment As our customer you only receive flawless, unused products of quality.

Rotary oil seals without dustlip

Rotary oil seals are made for certain RPMs depending upon the rotational speed. Upon enquiry, we can supply a chart of the max RPMs depending on inner diameter.

Rotary seal BA

Oil seal standard issue, Type A by DIN, BA as called by Simrit. Standard issue. We stock this type in many common dimensions, from 6mm up to 450mm.

Description Type BA is the ideal rotary seal for many applications. It is fitted with one sealing Lip. Can be used up to 0,5 bar pressure, perfect for example for sealing up your non pressurized application and hindering the oil to leak. Sealing a pressure above 0,5 bar are not possible.

This rotary seal is completely made up of NBR-elastomer, a black natural rubber (specifically: "butadiene-acrylonitrile rubber"). A stabilizer ring is vulcanized into the rubber for extra stability. (Blue in the drawing). A tension spring, made of non stainless steel, presses the sealing lip onto the shaft.
Rotary oil seals type A in stock

Alternatives to Type A

  • Rotary oil seals of type A do not have a dust lip, protecting it from dust and other particles. If you need extra protection from outside, please choose type BASL.
  • For considerably higher RPMs, temperatures above 110° Celsius and better chemical resistance (also against so called "aromatic hydrocarbons" (Benzin/Petrol)) we offer bearings made from the material FPM/FKM (brandname Viton). Our corresponding type is VIT.
  • If the tension spring has to made from stainless steel, we advise you to choose the type VIT. (See above) Rotary oil seals made from NBR-elastomer can be aquired at a quantity of 100 pcs and 1-4 months of delivery time.


Standard issue, type B, B1 by Simrit
Variation of type BA with an outer metal casing. The stabilizing ring is not vulcanized on the outer ring, therefore easier to install than type BA. The type B1 is open one side, closed the other. Tension spring as with type BA made from non-stainless steel.
Rotary oil seal B1 in stock


Standard issue, type C,  B2 by Simrit
Solid variation from type BA. Outer casing completely made from metal, closed both sides. Sealing lip of course made from rubber. Made for heavy duty. Tension spring as with type BA made from non-stainless steel..
Rotary oil seals type B2 in stock

Rotary seal with dust lip


Oil seal special issue, Type AS by DIN, BASL as called by Simrit BASL Rotary oil seal type BA with dust lip (Red in drawing). As type BA made of NBR elastomer (rubber) with a stabilizing ring vulcanized into the Oil seal for extra strength.
Rotary oil seal type BASL in stock


Type B1 with dustlip SL. Outer ring made from metal, one side closed.
Tension ring as with type BA. This type is usually not stocked and therefore subject to enquiry.
Rotary oil seal type B1SL in stock


Type B2 with dustlip SL. Oil seal for heavy duty, casing made from metal. Both sides closed. Tension spring as with type BA. This type is usually not stocked and therefore subject to enquiry.
Rotary oil seal type B2SL in stock

Special Variations


Special variation of type BA without tension spring.


Seal type VIT, material FPM Type VIT, conciderably more resistant than type BA. Made form material "Viton" (fluororubber, also called FPM/FKM) by Dupont. Exceptionally high resistance to heat up to 200° Celsius and more in on cost of lifetime. VIT is resistant to oil and acids, so called "aromatic hydrocarbons" (Benzin, petrol), benzol, other petrols like diesel, vacuum, ozon, siliconoils. Additionally the maximum RPMs are conciderably higher than with type BA/BASL. (times 2-3)

The tension spring is made from non corroding, acid resistant steel 1.4301 (according to techsheets by Dichtomatik).
More details upon enquiry.
Rotary oil seals type VIT in stock

Storage of Rotary oil seals in general at about 5° to 25° Celsius, store in dark, 70% humidity, maximum 5-6 years for NBR-seals (BA, BASL, B1, B2, BAOF) and 9-10 years for FPM/FKM seals (VIT). Oil seals are never in our stock for long , since they are permanently sold and restocked.
Especially ozon is very unhealthy for oil seals, as emitted from laserprinters, elecric motors or certain lamps. If they are stored upon PVC or metal, chemical processes might damage the rubber materials. Rubber articles are best stored in the original package and used up quickly.

The above points are for your general information, concerning this topic. For concrete and binding information please consult the tech sheet of the item and the manufacturers documentation.

How to get items with special dimensions?

Oil seals (inch), o-rings and other items not listed in our shop can be easily enquired for you by us. Please calculate a minimum of 200 EUR worth of goods for new customers, 50 EUR for existing customers. This way we can ensure a reasonable price per piece. Thank you for your understanding.

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