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Dimensions of DG Ball Bearings
Rotary Oil Seal Types
Technical Sprays
and lubricants as complementary goods
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Company Details

Bank Details, IBAN, Swift

Contact Details

Concerning Ordering...

Password lost – What can I do?

How do I order?

How long does the delivery take?

Which is the best way to order? Online, via Fax, Mail or Phone?

Is there a Stock- or Pricelist?

Concerning Articles...

also see -> technical FAQ

Help, I can’t find the bearing 7210B.TVP!

Rotary Shaft Oil Seals – where can I find them?

Greases and Oils – I have a question about greasing a bearing.

Can you produce bearings to my custom specifications?

Concerning Service...

30-Days Return and Refund Policy

Export: which countries do you export to?


Company Details

Please request a Return Form using the “Order History”. Thank you. GmbH
Auf dem Hüls 17
40822 Mettmann

VAT-ID: DE228565149

German trade registry: HRB21010 Amtsgericht Wuppertal
Company Seat: Mettmann

Dipl.-Ing. Bernd Irmscher

Business hours:
• Monday-Thursday 07:45 till 17:30
• Friday 07:45 till 16:00.


Bank Details, IBAN, Swift

Account, Sort Code
For transfers within Germany. GmbH
Acc: 2848844
Sort Code: 30150200 (Kreissparkasse Düsseldorf)

for transfers from outside of Germany GmbH
IBAN: DE31301502000002848844

As your Reason for Transfer please note your Customer ID or the Invoice-No.
In terms of Prepayment, please advise your Customer ID.

Contact Details

We are looking forward to your enquiries!

Phone 0800/3583661
09:00 till 15:00, only from within Germany. International calls: +49 (0)2104 207 999 00

Fax 0800/3583291
Only within Germany. International Fax: +49 (0)2104 207 999 09


(for enquiries about prices, technical questions, customer support... We answer your questions right away!)

International calls: +49 (0)2104 207 999 00

If you can’t reach us: We’ll call you back!


Password lost – What can I do?

Simply click "here" to get a new password sent to your email adress.


How do I order?

1. Search for an Article Simply type in the beginning of the bearings designation into the Quick Search at the top left of the screen. The firs 3 or 4 letters/digits should suffice. Only correct DIN/ISO complying designations are accepted!

• It is sufficient to just type in the designations beginning digits / letters.
• You can add suffixes like C3, 2Z or 2RS.... List of common suffixes.
• With “SKF” or “FAG” you only show items of that brand. E.g.:FAG List of the available brands

Type in "62". The results will be all bearings, whose designation starts with “62...”
The more complete the designation, the more exact the results will be. With 6206 you will only get variants of the bearing marked 6206.

Preisliste, Listenpreis, Nettopreis, Ihr Preis erklärt
Grafic: (german)

Choose Item

You first look for the item and then choose the manufacturer. Our stock is actual at all times. The price of the item is listed under “Your Price”, of course net per piece. For your additional information we have noted the actual Net-Price of the according manufacturer and the discounts at wich we sell these items. Your Price is the Net-Price minus the given discount.

2. Oder an Item Simply click on “Order Now”. If you want more than one piece simply enter the correct amount in the “Qty.” Field. The item will then be moved to your Shopping-Cart. That’s it! Simply repeat the above for other items to add them to your cart.

3. Complete OrderGo to your “Shopping Cart”. Simply click on “Check Out" (bottom right) to progress to the “Last Steps”.

The Last Steps: Invoice and Delivery Addresses

4. Delivery Address: First check your Delivery Address, the method of delivery (Standard, Express, or Courier). In the next step check the Invoice Address and change it if necessary. Last but not least we sum up all the given information including the total price in one page. Please click on accept to conclude the order process.

IMPORTANT: Your order will only be concluded, if you click the “Confirm” button. Moments after you will be redirected to a confirmation page. The whole order will be sent to your email soon after.

That mail is no order confirmation. It is simply a confirmation, that the order has been transmitted. In special circumstances we will contact you via mail.

Have you got questions about the order-process? We are here to help.

Send us a short mail including designation, qty. and perhaps the dimensions.


Which is the best way to order? Online, via Fax, Mail or Phone?

Online! Please use our onlineshop. The order is then directly processed by our service personnel.

If you order via Fax, the order might take 1-3 days longer than advised.

No Orders via Phone: These we will only process in special cases. Please be advised, that mistakes can be made using this method.

We kindly ask you to use our onlineshop. This way mistakes are less possible.

Order upon an Offer: Simply send us the Offer together with the Order. We will then process the order accordingly.

How long does delivery take?

All listed items are being sent ex stock. If you order before 15:00 (Mo-Fr), the goods will be sent the same day.

Specially Acquired Items, wich means items we offer you, that are not in our stock. These items cannot be refunded. We try to keep our foresight of delivery date, but we ask you to expect delays.

All standard orders are being sent by DPD - Deutscher Paketdienst. 9 of 10 DPD-Deliveries arrive t german addresses the next day. If one item weighs more than 27 Kg. We send via our forwarder.

Express deliveries are being delivered by Night-Star-Express (only available within Germany). Special conditions apply. They, for example, do not hand over the parcel. They simply drop it of in front of your door, whereas the DPD only hands over the parcel.

Delivery Details: If your order shows up in the Order History and its status is “completed”, the goods are on their way to you. Status “Pending” means the order has not been sent yet. If the order is not “completed” within three days, we ask you to inform us.

NOTICE: cancelled orders remain in the status of “Pending”! They will be listed in the Order History for overview.


Is there a Stock- or Pricelist?

Our Pricelist is our onlineshop.We do not have own catalogues or stocklists. Basis for every enquiry is the items designation, wich is normed internationally. Only few items have manufacturer bound designations.

For technical information like dimensions, max. rpm... ect please visit the manufacturers websites. You can find the techsheets and online catalogues there.

We can send a pricelist containing individual bearing types.

Original catalogues mark SKF, FAG and NKE can be bought through our onlineshop. Simply search for the article KATALOG.


Sample enquiry.

Our stocklist is always up to date. It is being constantly updated.


Rotary Shaft Oil Seals – Where can I find them?

Quick Search: Type ”25-“ into the Quick Search for 25mm inner dia. oil seal.

Exact Search: Type “(Inner dia.)-(Outer dia.)-(Width)” into the Quick Search. Example: "110-130-12" lists all oil seals with those dimensions.

BA: Oil Seal without dust lip
BASL: Oil Seal with dust lip
BAOF: Oil Seal ohne Feder

B1: Oil Seal 1 x metal ring
B2: Oil Seal 2 x metal ring
VIT: Oil Seal - material: VITON

Further Information to Rotary Shaft Oil Seals


Bearing Grease – I have a question about greasing bearings.

IMPORTANT: Please follow the advice given in the manufacturers catalogues.

Please be advised: Due to the REACH – regulation we do not supply special greases anymore. Please contact your local vendor.

There are ready “lifetime greased” bearings for many applications, bearing the suffix 2RS or 2Z. In special cases we can order higher quantities of bearings greased to your specification.

Ideal to supplement your order.
3-IN-ONE Fat and Sprays at

These articles can be found using the keyword “WD40”

WD40 3-IN-ONE Universal Lithium Grease 1 Kg Can ideal standard grease for your bearing application. Unfortunately, at the moment no other greases are available.

WD40 3-IN-ONE White Grease Spray 400 ML, high water resistance, for industrial, automotive and marine applications.
WD40 3-IN-ONE Silicone Spray Lubricant 400 ML, non greasing lubricant and corrosion inhibitor.
WD40 3-IN-ONE High Performance Penetrant Spray 400 ML, frees rusted applications and seals at the same time
WD40 3-IN-ONE Heavy Duty Cleaner Degreaser 400 ML, clears of hardened fat and dirt.
WD40 3-IN-ONE Kickstart Spray 400ML, benzin- and diesel engines kickstarter in humid and cold enviroments.
Prices and Ordering

Same as years ago:
the good old WD40. Available in different can sizes.

WD40 250 ML-spraycan
WD40 400 ML-spraycan
WD40 450 ML-spraycan type S-ST
WD40 500 ML-spraycan type B-BL
WD40 5 ltr. CANISTER best used with: WD40 Sprayer (empty!)
Prices and Ordering


Can you produce bearings to my custom specifications?

Yes! Minimum is 2000 EUR worth of goods. Overview:
  • 6 to 7 months delivery time
  • Prepayment or at least partial prepayment
  • 500 - 1000 EUR up front for technical drawings and tool construction.
  • First samples for your confirmation in 6-8 weeks.
You should calculate with 5% waste.
Please enquire a free offer to your specifications. Maybe there is a better / cheaper solution with modified standard bearings.
Simply send us your specs via mail and we will do our best to make you a good offer.

30-Days Return and Refund Policy

30-Days Return and Refund Policy
up to 200 € net. worth of goods.

Should you to any reason not need one of the ordered itmes, you can get a total refund within 30 days from the date of the invoice, maxed at 200 € net..

Important Prerequisite: The items need to be originally packed, unopened and unused!

Exception from the Rule: Items especially ordered for you from a third party are not subject to the Refund Policy.

Remaining Costs: Please be advised that we only refund the net. worth of the goods alone. Freight costs will not be refunded. We ask you to check your invoice and transfer the remaining sum according to the invoice.

Falsly Delivered or Defect Items will be picked up by our courier upon notice.

This is how the 30-day Return and Refund Policy works:

1. Go into your Order History and look for the according order.

2. Click on "get a form for returning goods".
This is only possible within 30 days from the date of the invoice.

3. We will then mail you a Return Note, which you please print out and add to the package toi be returned.

4. Please be advised: We do not accept unfree deliveries!

5. Partial Refund: If only parts of the order are returned, please transfer the remaining sum of the invoice.

Credit Note: We do not automatically send a Credit Note. Please mark the according field in the Return Form. Thank you.


Export: which countries do you export to? What do you need?

We deliver to all countries within the European Union.

IMPORTANT: In order to be able to deliver outside of Germany, we need your valid VAT-ID!

Reason: Upon ordering you will receive an invoice without German taxation. Due to the EUs decree of “intra-community supply of goods” we need your VAT to register the trade with the german customs.

Exception for delivery within Germany: If you, as a foreign customer, order something with a delivery address within Germany, the invoice will be including the german VAT, due to the nature of a non-intra-community delivery.

While registering in our onlineshop, you will be prompted with the question about your VAT. Please be very cautious because a wrong number can lead to cancellation of the order. Only with the correct Firm address and VAT-ID can we deliver outside of Germany. There will be no exceptions!

You can always change your VAT-ID in your Profile.

We do not deliver to countries outside the European Union (e.g. Russia, Turkey, Switzerland...)

We CAN of course deliver to a shipping-agent of your choice and you can organize the export yourself. Simply ask us and we will help as much as we can.

Delivery by UPS can be arranged. We will quote the prices individually.

Payments from outside of Germany are accepted only via bank transfer.

We do not take any Cheques or Bills of Exchange.

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